RV & Camping

We have an older Allegro RV and enjoy camping at many of the Florida State Parks. We usually avoid camping in summer as the heat and humidity make going outside unpleasant. Winter in Florida is usually very nice with mild to cool temperatures.

The remodel
We found that having a rig set to sleep 6 or so wasn’t very comfortable for two. We decided to make a few changes to better suit us. We took out the 2 person sort of half booth and replaced it with a 5 foot section of counter top that folds out from the wall. Makes into sort of a breakfast bar but at table height.

Next we removed the uncomforable couch that was supposed to be convertable into an uncomfortable bed. We replaced it with a loveseat from Ikea, which works nice. We had to replace the feet with longer legs, so it sits about 3 or 4 inches higher than a normal couch.

We put an entertainment center type cabinet over the driver and passenger seats. This holds our satellite receiver and our Xbox 360. We installed a 32″ LCD TV so that it folds down from the ceiling between the driver and passenger seat. This way it can stay connected to the electronics in the entertainment console.

We like to stay at the Florida State Parks

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